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Our security staffs posted at factories are well trained to perform their duties as mentioned below but they are also apprised of their responsibility to maintain linking Chain between management and worker to avoid any confrontation. Their normal security duties are as under:-
  1. Receive, greet, and direct the bonafied official visitors to their host so that they do not loiter here and there.
  2. Maintenance of visitors’ register with as much as detail as possible.
  3. Control of vehicles in the factory premises and maintenance of in /out register.
  4. Count, control and maintenance of personal records Contract Workers.  
  5. Maintenance of in and out register for materials.
  6. Personal search for out going workers.
  7. Maintenance registers for staff/workers going out during working hours.
  8. Car Park management.
  9. Key control and maintenance of deposit and withdrawal register
  10. Demand, control and maintenance of fire fighting equipment.
  11. Patrolling of perimeter of premises and brisk out any body loitering around it.
  12. Monitoring of visitors’ activities in side factory premises.
  13. Fault(s) reporting.
  14. Alarm System.
  15. Any other task assigned by the management.
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