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Business of Malls and Showrooms depends on the customers. More the customer more is the business. Increase in the customers increases problems and responsibility of the security. Therefore, security staff has to device method & manners which helps their clients to flourish their business as under:-
  1. Security staff posted should have pleasant and handsome personality.
  2. They should always be well dressed.
  3. Visitors should be received and greeted with smile so that they feel welcome.
  4. They should be properly guided to their destination.
  5. Visitors Car parking should be managed in such a way so that they do not waste their time in car parking as such rush in car Parking is avoided.
  6. Ensure that visitor’s vehicles are parked locked and checked properly.
  7.  Security should be able to recognize suspected shop lifter among genuine shoppers.
  8. No arm, ammunition, lethal weapon or explosive should be allowed in side.
  9. Smoking should be strictly prohibited.
  10. Visitors’ hand bags etc. should be kept at entrance.
  11. Patrolling should be arranged to monitor the activities of suspected shop lifter.
  12. Proper vigilance without denting the dignity of customers.
  13. Proper checking of out going purchased materials.
  14. No one under the impression of alcohol is allowed in side.
  15. The security staff on duty should be so polite and mature that customers do not feel insulted while undergoing security check.
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